Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not Just the Body -

I do not have time today for a very lengthy issue, but I am reading through Mark this week, and something interesting struck me that I thought I should share.

Jesus spent most of the first five chapters of Mark doing little else than healing. A few of his better known parables are there, in chapter 4, but the rest of the first five chapters have him doing almost nothing else. The people he heals are completely and profoundly healed and changed not just in body, but most outwardly in spirit.

When Jesus heals someone, He has to restrain their joy in order to not call too much attention to Himself and His ministry too early. Though this often failed to be as effective as He commands, Mark gives a good account of not just the healing power but the life-changing power of Christ.

If you have physical frailties, offer them to the Lord, and He will respond.

If you have frailties of the spirit and of the mind (most of us call it being tired), offer these up as well, for the Gospels surely show us that Christ came to us to heal that part of us as well.

In Him,

D. G. Martin
Reading Today: Mark 6

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