Saturday, February 16, 2008

Facts and Faith -

My reading last night in Mark made me pause to think for a long time last night. In Chapter 8, verses 14-21 is found one of the most interesting parts of Mark I ever remember reading.

In this passage, the disciples of Jesus followed Him onto a boat that they sailed towards Bethsaida. The disciples had only brought along one loaf of bread and were worried about having enough to eat on the journey. Mark actually seems to hint that there was quite a disagreement about what they should do, a fight even.

Jesus knew about this problem and came to them saying, "Why do you discuss the fact that we have no bread?" (verse 17). The disciples had previously seen him feed 4,000 people out of 7 loaves of bread and (8:1-8) and earlier feed 5,000 from 5 loaves (6:33-44). This is one of harshest criticisms Jesus has given His disciples to this point the Gospel. Their faith is still so limited. They had seen Jesus perfrom these two amazing miracles and yet were afraid that He would let them go hungry on the boat. Jesus finishes with a question, "Do you not yet understand?" (verse 21).

There is nothing written about the response of the disciples, but that's not what caught me. What made me pause and discuss this passage with my wife for a few minutes was the fact that I probably have the same problem the disciples did. Somewhere in my life is a loaf of bread that I am not trusting Jesus to turn into a feast.

We all have parts of our lives that we just don't, for some reason, trust Jesus with. It may be difficult to do so, but if we let those parts go to Him, we will receive a return greater than we can fully comprehend or manage. Jesus wants to bless us in just the same way He blessed the crowds.

I pray for the grace to let go and let Jesus' return be sufficient.

In Him,

D. G. Martin
Reading Today: Mark 9

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