Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Day of Love

I've always found it odd that February 14th is the "Day of Love." I understand that is has to do with the day of St. Valentine, who is actually many saints. The Wikipedia article, which seems to be well-researched, can be found here.

But really, this is an odd day, is it not? It happens in February, which means that it will be cold most places and there will likely be rain, snow, or at least clouds. The weather often interferes with even the most carefully planned romantic schemes, as any outside event could be disastrous. My own wife does not like this day very much, because she does not see why we need to actually have a day set aside to tell out loved ones that we love them.

Even though most of us express love throughout the year, my wife has a point. The majority of outward signals of love happen on this day every year. But we are taught to do something different by Jesus. Every day of his ministry he openly gave of himself out of His love for us. His great showing of love surpasses any other, and He did the same every day. Many of us find it difficult to express ourselves on one day a year while our Lord displayed His love for us with every breath He took.

Today is a special day. But let us also make tomorrow special by showing the same kind of love without the reminder of a special day.

In Him,

D. G. Martin
Reading Today: Mark 7

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Eric Jobe said...

In the East, we commemorate the repose of St. Cyril, Equal-to-the-Apostles and teacher of the Slavs, and St. Raphael of Brooklyn.

I agree with your assessment. For us who have yet to find "that special someone" it is Single Awareness Day, a rather depressing side-effect of "the Day of Love."

It is strange to me that the world goes to such lengths to commemorate and celebrate certain events or ideas on certain days but either neglects or refuses to celebrate the countless saints and martyrs who appear on our calendars every day. St. Valentine was a martyr of the early Church, and thus deserves our reverence because he is praying for us (Rev 6:9ff).

Sanctus Valentinus, ora pro nobis!