Tuesday, March 25, 2008

From Faith to Faith -

I am often surprised by how much time I can let pass between times that I pick up and read my Bible. I do not know what happens, really. One week or month I read every day and sometimes more than once. Then for a week or a month at a time I can let it sit and, though being reminded about it, find no time to pick it up again for some time.

I sometimes feel like I get to point where my spiritual life seems healthy, and so I become lax and my discipline wanes. This cycle has already repeated itself many times, and it appears to have done so again. It is even more stark a revelation to look at this blog and realize that my last post was on the 22nd of February, over a month ago. I know it hasn't been that long since I last read or prayed, but perhaps it was around then that I began to feel comfortable again, thus leading to my lax.

But that isn't really what this post is about. Jesus did not, to my layman's knowledge, command us to read the Bible every day. But He did tell us to be faithful and live through our faith. True, the two go often together and seldom apart for us today.

The band Casting Crowns has been talking to me through their music lately, and I am encouraged to see that even those at this journey longer than I are prone to the same pitfalls that I face daily. Their song The Altar and the Door is a powerful story to me. If you haven't heard it or listened to it very carefully, I recommend it.

In Him,

D.G. Martin
Currently Reading: Romans 1

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